National Institute of Child Health

8th Symposium on 27th -28th April 2024



The National Institute of Child Health has a remarkable story to tell, and as the Professor of Pediatric Surgery and Head, Section of Pediatric Surgery Unit-A, I am eager to share it with anyone who wants to associate in the best interest of this extraordinary institution.

The Institute had its beginnings at the Pediatric Surgery Unit in Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) for years. In 1979, President Zia-ul-Haq visited the School of Pediatrics, on the request of the senior administrative authorities and declared it as the National Institute of Child Health (NICH). In April 1990, NICH was separated from JPMC, and made an attached department of the Federal Ministry of Health. Prof. Nizam ul Hassan, the senior pediatric surgeon of the country, was made its first director.

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The National Institute of Child Health (NICH) is a leading institution dedicated to the advancement of pediatric healthcare, research, and education. Established in [year], NICH has been at the forefront of addressing the unique healthcare needs of children and adolescents across Pakistan.

NICH is committed to improving the health and well-being of children through cutting-edge research, innovative clinical care, and community outreach programs. Our mission is to foster a healthier future for children by promoting excellence in pediatric healthcare and advocating for policies that prioritize child health.

At NICH, we provide comprehensive and compassionate clinical care to children and adolescents with a focus on promoting optimal health outcomes and quality of life. Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists offers a wide range of services


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